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Feeding San Antonio’s homeless community.

Meating the Need serves the needs of San Antonio’s homeless by providing high quality protein (meat) and other food staples to the St. Vincent de Paul dining facility (St. Vinnie’s) at the Prospects Courtyard at Haven for Hope. St. Vinnie’s is the primary source of food for the homeless living on the streets in downtown San Antonio. The Board of Directors cover all administrative costs so every penny donated buys food.

Our Mission

In March of 2007, two service-minded friends saw an opportunity to make a difference to those in need in San Antonio. After volunteering for years at the St. Vincent de Paul Dining Room, we realized that the Dining Room needed a reliable source for high quality protein (frozen meats) to build the meals around. We created a 501(c)3 non-profit charity to purchase the meats and other staple items for the Dining Room through our partnership with Sysco Foods. The Dining Room moved to the Prospects Courtyard at Haven for Hope in June 2010. It feeds breakfast, lunch and dinner and totals about 1,200 meals a day.

With support of our churches, friends, business associates, and our friends at Sysco Foods, we have now been making food deliveries every other Wednesday for 12 years.

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    Meet our Directors


    Gary Ploetz, President

    Gary has been serving dinner at the shelter since 1995.  He is the “crew chief” who organizes the Meating the Need volunteers to serve dinner at the shelter once every 5 weeks.  Gary owns and operates Ploetz Investigations, a private investigation firm specializing in forensic accounting.


    Kelly Hudson, Secretary

    Kelly is the President of LeadingEdge Personnel which was voted “The Best Place to Work in San Antonio”.


    Randy Walker, Treasurer

    Randy is a Certified Public Accountant and owns and operates Randy Walker & Company, CPA. Randy specializes in providing professional servies to over 75 non-profit organizations.

    Glenn Cunningham, Director at Large

    Glen owns and operates The Law Offices of Glenn W. Cunningham.


    Besty Buhler, Director at Large

    Besty is an Associate Pastor at Community Bible Church.


    Scott Herbold, Director at Large

    Scott is a consultant with C. B. Richard Ellis in the Investment Property & Institutional Group.


    Rebecca Dresch, Director at Large

    Rebecca is the Institutional Bid Manager for Sysco Food Service of San Antonio.


    Jeff Gately, Director at Large

    Jeff owns and operates The Law Offices of S. Jeffrey Gately, Attorney at Law. Jeff specializes in the formation of non-profit organizations.


    David Gartley, Director at Large

    David is the President of The Champion Group, a direct energy investment company.

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